The Most Excellent Course Design Tool Ever! (We think so, anyway)


The Most Excellent Design Tool Ever is a content design template, custom made for life science educators! Download it, print it, and use it to help structure your courses for maximum student benefit by mapping out your course goals, key activities, and delivery strategies.

The tool provides you with a guide for creating focused, student-centered activities that meet the unique needs of your classroom.

Even better, this tool helps align your activities with the HAPS Learning Outcomes.


Please fill out the form below to download the design tool as a PDF.

Print the PDF double-sided.


  • Stack the pages from Part 1.
  • Fold pages in half so that the blue title page appears on the outside of the book.
  • Repeat with pages of Part 2! Done!


You will now have two “flip-books” that will guide you through filling out the key information about your course.

  • Part 1 helps you see the big picture of your course. You’ll identify your overarching goals, stakeholders, student needs, resources, and restrictions. These determine the kinds of activities you can incorporate into your classroom.
  • Part 2 (the fun bit!) helps you get creative! You’ll map out key activities and assessments that align with your HAPS learning outcome – all while making sure they fit within the context of your course described in Part 1.

Since Part 1 covers your course as a whole, you will likely only need to fill it out once per course.  
Part 2 can be printed and filled out as often as you’d like, focusing on different HAPS learning outcomes each time.

We hope that mapping out your course goals, key activities, and delivery strategies lead to organized and engaging learning solutions!


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