Introducing the New Lt Analytics Dashboard!

Great news! We’re excited to announce the release of our new Lt Analytics Dashboard!

With the new Dashboard, you can easily monitor student performance and engagement with the course content in real-time, as well as quickly identify students who may be struggling or falling behind. Start by observing overall course trends before drilling down by student, section, or lesson for a more in-depth insight on how your students are engaging with course material. 

For a quick walkthrough of the new dashboard and its features, check out the video below:


    What's new?

    We have added a bunch of new analytic features that we know will make your teaching experience within Lt a whole lot better. 

    With the new dashboard, you can now:

    • View availability and due dates for all of your published lessons and modules in one place.
    • Drill down into published lessons to see student engagement, question performance, and grading distributions.
    • Easily see which students have completed a lesson, are still in progress, or haven’t started yet. For those who may require extra help or a follow-up email outside of the Lt Platform, you can now simply copy and paste students' email addresses from Lt into your email client.  Lt Analytics New Feature Image 3
    • View all students at once to quickly spot struggling students who have performed poorly or are not engaged with the material. Lt Analytics New Feature Image 3
    • Drill down on individual students to see a detailed view of their performance (grades) and engagement across all course content.
    • Filter the dashboard by section or by using the search feature.

    How do I access the new dashboard?

    Because Lt is a cloud-based platform, it automatically updates with any new features or improvements. This means the new dashboard will be live and ready to use next time you log in to Lt as an administrator. 

    What will happen to the old dashboard? 

    We are planning on removing the old Lt lesson & Instance Analytics, to make way for further improvements to our new dashboard.  

    Most of the same information will still be available as before, but all the existing data on student lesson duration, video watch time & check answer clicks will be reset. The new dashboard is designed to be more intuitive and easy-to-use, while giving you the power to extract more information about individual and overall student performance and engagement.

    Future updates and improvements

    It's important to remember that this is just the beginning of the new Lt Analytics Dashboard, and we have a lot more improvements in the pipeline!  These future changes include adding grading ranges and total grade information, more detailed individual student analytics, including activity logs that display access information and total time in the lesson, plus instance-wide analytics including content pack usage and time spent in Lt.

    Feedback and Support

     If you have any questions about the new dashboard or further improvement ideas, please let us know by using the feedback portal within Lt (below), or by contacting your local Customer Success Manager!

    Where to give feedback in Lt

    We wish you an intuitive and insightful analytics experience.

    - The Lt Team

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