New Release: LabChart 8.1.10

We are proud to announce the newest release of LabChart: Version 8.1.10!  
You can download this latest version via LabChart’s Feature Manager, or on our website

Our team has been working hard on some new and improved features, which include: 

For Windows Users
Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (NICO) extension support
We are especially pleased to include support for our new Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (NICO) extension, which can be downloaded directly from LabChart’s Feature Manager.
The NICO extension complements our new Human NIBP Nano System. This innovative system combines all of the functionality of the FMS desktop controller and wrist unit into a single, lightweight wrist unit - without losing any of the trusted FMS quality and reliability. The NICO Extension can also be used with data from the ML282 Human NIBP System, the Finometer MIDI and other FMS non-invasive blood pressure measurement systems.

Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (NICO) is a free extension that allows a real-time estimation of Cardiac-Output to be calculated from an NIBP trace. The extension implements published and widely accepted algorithms into an easy to use LabChart extension.
The NICO extension can estimate the following parameters:
  • Cardiac Output (CO)
  • Stroke Volume (SV)
  • Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR)

Other Improvements

  • Setting scale to the default range in Input Amplifier consistently chooses correct range
  • Correct date shows on all pages printed from the Scope View
  • Changes to LabChart to complement a new version of the Nihon Kohden DC-300H device enabler

For Mac Users
A new "File Name" Data Pad function is available under the Block Information section in the Data Pad Column Setup Dialog, which returns the name of the file containing the current selection. 

For all customers
Support Forum Retirement
We have a bitter-sweet announcement to make: our forum will be retired in 2018. As part of the process of retirement, links to the ADInstruments Forum have been removed in this new version of LabChart. We don't make decisions like this lightly. But, as always, our expert team is ready to help with any and all of your questions, so we encourage you to contact our support team at any time for fast, up-to-date advice!

We hope these features and functions will make your workflow easier and more streamlined so that you can focus on what's important - your research!

The LabChart Team

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