New Release: LabChart 8.1.11

We are pleased to announce the release of LabChart: Version 8.1.11!  
You can download this latest version via LabChart’s Feature Manager, or on our website.

Our team has refreshed some of LabChart's features for even greater ease of use. These include:

For All Users

  • Increased data accuracy when exporting or copying and pasting text for channels containing Cyclic Measurements calculation data in multi-rate files.

For Windows Users

  • Increased stability after closing a PowerLab Front-end dialog. For example when configuring a PowerLab input on the second PowerLab used in a multi-PowerLab file.
  • Update to ReadMe to show supported Windows operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

For Mac Users

  • Increased stability after adjusting channel heights in certain dialogs.

Spirometry 2.5.2 Release

  • For Windows users, we've refreshed our Spirometry Add-On so that it can apply volume correction due to invalid volume data to even the rarest of cases, with ease.

PV Loop 2.4.1 Release

  • We've optimized the PV Loop echo volume calibration so that it accurately calculates ESV and EDV values on any channel.

Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (NICO) 1.1 Release

  • We've added a new Apply finger pulse correction option to the setup. This applies a low-pass filter to attempt to compensate for amplification of peak pressure as the pulse propagates down the brachial artery to the finger. This, along with other improvements in the algorithm, results in significantly larger estimated Cardiac Output values.
    *Note: Non-Invasive Cardiac Output is still best suited to relative Cardiac Output measurements on the same subject rather than absolute measurements across subjects.
  • The Find from ECG Signal beat detection option has been removed. This is because any delay between the EGC events and the NIBP signals would affect your results.
  • Improved accuracy of data produced by the Total Peripheral Resistance calculation.
  • Enhanced accuracy of results for Liljestrand and Estimated Flow calculations in files containing data sampled at different rates.

We hope these small tweaks will have big results in helping to make your workflow streamlined and problem-free, letting you focus on what's important - your research. 

The LabChart Team

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