Congratulations to Ranya Taqieddin, winner of the Sam Drogo Award 2023!

Each year, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) recognizes an outstanding educator for their creative use of technology when teaching anatomy and physiology to undergraduate students. The Sam Drogo Technology in the Classroom Award is sponsored by ADInstruments and remembers Sam Drogo, a passionate and committed physiology educator and highly-involved HAPS member.

This year, the recipient of the award is Assistant Professor Ranya Taqieddin, of Saint Charles Community College (SCC) in Cottleville, Missouri.

Ranya's innovative use of technology is evident in how she designs her courses. She uses open educational resources (OER), incorporates Vision and Change recommendations for the curriculum, and focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, with the ultimate aim of helping her students to develop scientific literacy. Ranya believes technology can help students engage in active learning and make education more equitable by enabling all students to access their course material.

As the winner of the Sam Drogo Award 2023, Ranya received $1500 to support her attendance at the 2023 HAPS General Meeting and presented a workshop called Incorporating Interactive Digital Technology for Equitable Learning in Labs.

Ranya Taqieddin with her award, alongside Prof. Emeritus Bill Perrotti and Ari Boulet (ADI representative).

Assistant Professor Ranya Taqieddin with her award, alongside Prof. Emeritus Bill Perrotti and ADInstruments Customer Success Manager Ari Boulet.

Who was Sam Drogo?

Sam Drogo was a passionate A&P educator at Mohawk Valley Community College for more than 30 years. Highly active as a member of HAPS, he helped to create the HAPS Comprehensive Competency Test and was always passionate about using technology when teaching.

ADInstruments is proud to help HAPS honour Sam's legacy and promote his love for innovative teaching with this award.

Sam Drogo