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Transonic Scisense has made the difficult decision to close their doors.             
The Scisense product lines have been transferred to Millar, so that researchers worldwide can continue to access optimal solutions for pressure measurements and pressure-volume (PV) loops. Transonic has also entrusted ADInstruments, as Millar’s exclusive global distributor, to provide ongoing support for their valued customers.

This decision comes after a thorough evaluation and consideration of evolving market dynamics and changing customer needs. Transonic Systems, renowned for its commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions, aims to optimize its resources and concentrate its efforts on areas where it can provide the greatest value to its customers.

As a long-standing collaborator, Millar fully supports this vision and is prepared to offer its expertise and resources to ensure that researchers will continue to have access to cutting-edge pressure and pressure-volume (PV) catheters and systems to meet industry needs.  

“We’re pleased to partner with Millar during this transition. We value their history in the life sciences community as the gold standard in pressure sensor-enabled products,” says Miriam Tenorio, Transonic Systems CEO. “Aligning with Millar signifies our shared dedication to customer satisfaction, and we will continue to work closely together to ensure a smooth and successful transition for all parties involved.”

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At ADInstruments, our teams are ready to offer personalized assistance, address any concerns and provide solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer affected by this transition. Millar and ADInstruments will continue to work together to produce and distribute gold-standard pressure and pressure-volume (PV) catheter technology to the global market.

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As we navigate this transition period, Millar is investigating interim solutions to support current users of Transonic Scisense technology. They will also be working to shepherd the ADVantage system into the future. 

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