Talking teaching: How to Improve Digital Literacy in Course Design

Join the discussion: How the pedagogical design of a course can increase students’ technical prowess, self-regulation skills, and their sense of ownership of taught material.

Emergency Remote Teaching: How to quickly move biology courses online

How Lt's Biology Collection, created with Vernier® Science Education, helps educators quickly make the switch to online learning without sacrificing active learning PLUS delivers an improved biology curriculum!

Lesson Design: How to promote the six core competencies for undergraduate biology students

Find out how ADInstruments and Vernier are integrating the six core competencies outlined in the Vision and Change report into undergraduate biology education via our new Lt Biology Collection.

Helping your students to bloom: Fostering higher-level thinking in introductory biology

ADInstruments and Vernier have partnered to create the Lt Biology Collection - designed to help undergraduate biology students work in the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

Talking Teaching: Race in medical education

Join the discussion: Our team of Instructional Designers share and discuss two articles on how race is portrayed in medical education. Both of them have been published in Academic Medicine and are free to download.

Understand Your Physiology is here! An active online learning resource for physiology students

Professor Tony Macknight shares the story behind our latest Lt Collection, Understand Your Physiology - Plus helpful tips for integrating the learning resource into your physiology course!

Keep Calm and Teach On: Making the transition to online teaching during Covid-19

Associate Professor Tina Hinton shares her experience of having to make the swift transition from face-to-face teaching to a fully online lesson and lab delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lt - Future-proofing your course: How Ed Merritt moved his lab-based course online in a matter of weeks.

Ed Merritt, kinesiology lecturer at Southwestern University, shares his experience using Lt to his teach lab-based courses remotely.

Advice for educators: Marc Demolder's tips for successfully teaching practical labs in an online environment.

During the Covid-19 quarantine, Marc Demolder has continued to teach practical physiology labs by remote, using Lt. Here are his top pieces of advice for successful online labs...

10 Tips for Teaching Online - How to successfully teach remotely and keep your students engaged

Have you had to get your teaching online in a hurry? Here are our top 10 tips for moving a face-to-face course online, without losing student engagement.

Celebrating Darwin Day - Preview Lt's new Population Genetics and Evolution Lab!

February 12th marks the birth of Evolutionary Biologist, Charles Darwin. Here we explore the roots of student misconceptions and challenges when it comes to understanding evolution - plus get a sneak peek into our Population Genetics and Evolution lab from Lt's brand new Biology Collection!

How to move course material from Microsoft Office, Google Drive, or LabChart into Lt

Here is our step-by-step guide and video on how to move content from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Google Drive, and LabChart into Lt!

Five reasons you should be authoring your course in Lt - Hear from current Lt users about their experience authoring in Lt.

Creating engaging, interactive lessons doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. With Lt – it’s easy. Hear from some of our current Lt users about their experience authoring content in Lt.