Congratulations to Dr. Bridget Ford - Winner of the 2024 ADInstruments Macknight Innovative Educator Award!

Dr. Bridget Ford has won the 2024 ADInstruments Macknight Innovative Educator Award! Learn more about how she plans to utilize the award to build out an upper-division anatomy and physiology lab at University of the Incarnate Word.

How to use this pediatric asthma clinical case study in your nursing course

Dr. Andrew O’Malley discusses the importance of clinical cases to nursing education and shares how to use our new pediatric asthma case study to teach your nursing students about childhood asthma.

New Video: Discover improved data sampling and analysis in Lt

Watch Tim Wright, Instructional Design Specialist, share how we've improved data collection and analysis in Lt for your students.

How to support nontraditional students in an anatomy or physiology course

We speak with Dr. Silvia Smith and Dr. Crystal Walline of the University of North Carolina - Pembroke about how they teach complex anatomy and physiology to students with busy lives.

New for physiology educators: Take a look inside our new Auditory System Mini Lab...

Looking to fill gaps in your physiology curriculum in a no-stress way, fast? Use a Mini Lab! In our new mini lab on the auditory system, students use a tuning fork to assess how we perceive sound via air and bone, and then determine their hearing threshold for various sound frequencies. This is a...

How to use inclusive language when teaching physiology

Join one of our instructional designers, Vicky, as she shares resources for teaching in a more inclusive way and driving positive social change.

How to teach homeostasis: 7 ways

Homeostasis is a crucial concept in the study of physiology. Here are 7 ways to teach homeostasis in your physiology courses.

Teach them a lesson they'll never forget! The Cold Pressor Test...

Use this free experimental protocol to have your students activate their sympathetic nervous system via the cold pressor test! Investigate the effect of cold water on blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse amplitude.

Lighting the 'science spark' by using Lt for assessment: "students love it!"

“I decided I was going to change this essay because it was just boring. It was what everybody had done forever and ever and ever.”

Talking Teaching: Key principles from Mind, Brain, and Education Science

Boost your teaching with evidence-based tips from this field, informed by principles from psychology, neuroscience, and educational pedagogy.

Using edtech to bridge first-year student knowledge gaps at the University of Champollion

We speak with Dr Arnaud Billet of the University of Champollion, who shares his observations on the changing nature of life science classrooms and how education technology can help lecturers improve student experiences.

Honoring Tony Macknight's legacy by supporting physiology education in Africa

ADInstruments is proud to support the East African Society of Physiological Sciences as they host their 1st EASPS and Special AAPS conference this year in Tanzania.

Supporting excellence in biology teaching: ADInstruments and ACUBE

ADInstruments is proud to support the Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE). Learn more about our strategic alliance and how we are supporting excellence in biology teaching, including an annual award for education.