LabChart & PhysioTel™ - China Society of Toxicology Conference VIII


China Society of Toxicology Conference VIII (CSOT-VIII) will be held in Jinan, Shandong Province of China from 15th Oct to 18th Oct. As the highest level of academic event in the field of toxicology in China, the conference coordinated by China Society of Toxicology plays a very important role in promoting the development and technology exchange of toxicology in China. The CSOT-VIII will invite domestic and experts all of the world to share the latest research progress in the field of toxicology, frontier theory and technology development. 


E.g., 18 Jul 2018
E.g., 18 Jul 2018

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ADInstruments will join together with our business partner Data Sciences International (DSI) to display Animal Telemetry System Solution during the conference.

The combined strengths of LabChart and PhysioTel™ provide an unparalleled solution for small animal telemetry data acquisition and analysis. The Biopotential Telemetry Foundation System or Pressure Telemetry Foundation System combined with your choice of implants are the perfect base to build a comprehensive solution tailored for your research.