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Within Lt, use the Biopotential Sensor to process a wide variety of biological signals. This product functions as an ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG sensor.

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Lt Sensors

Biopotential Sensors are galvanically isolated, high-performance differential biological potential amplifiers optimized to measure a wide variety of biological signals such as ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG recordings.

Within Lt, you can use the Biopotential Sensor to process biosignals from a variety of functional areas such as:

  • Autonomic and sympathetic nervous system function
  • Cardiovascular disease and myocardial dysfunction
  • Muscle activation and fatigue
  • Evoked responses
  • Heart rate variability/arrhythmia

Our Biopotential Sensors are supplied with Shielded Lead Wires and Disposable ECG Electrodes, making them suitable for human connection.

The Biopotential Sensor can be used in Lt, with labs in our Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection. It plugs straight into a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer via USB connection.

Key Features

  • Each Biopotential Sensor comes with the following accessories and consumables: 
  • Connects directly to Lt via USB connection with a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer
  • Electrical isolation from power-line (mains) circuitry to guarantee subject safety
  • A low-noise, high-gain differential amplifier specifically designed for biological signal measurements
  • Suitable for human connection


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