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Used with conductivity cells for monitoring solution conductance. The Pod measures the alternating current across a suitable conductivity cell by applying an AC potential across the pair of platinum plate electrodes that comprise the cell. The output is proportional to the conductivity of the solution. The signal is scaled to read in µS or mS, depending on the range, 5 µS to 20 mS, selected.

For use with:

 The Pod can also be used with most other conductivity electrodes with a BNC connector.

Key Features

  • Four gain settings with secondary amplification provided by the PowerLab range settings to give a total of twelve input ranges.
  • A 20 Hz low pass filter to remove any high frequency interference.
  • Further filtering options (down to 2 Hz) using the PowerLab.


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Details and Tech Specs


Conductivity Pod Data Card

  • Input range: = Pod Gain × PowerLab Range

Pod Gain

PowerLab Range 500 mV

1 V

2 V

100 µS/V

5 µS

10 µS

20 µS

100 µS/V

50 µS

100 µS

200 µS

1 mS/V

500 µS

1 mS

2 mS

10 mS/V

5 mS

10 mS

20 mS

  • Error (factory default settings): ±2% of input range @ ≥1 mS/V
  • Error (after user calibration): <1% of input range @ ≥1 mS/V
  • AC waveform amplitude: 200 mV p-p
  • AC waveform shape: Triangular
  • AC waveform frequency 1300 Hz (approx)
  • Low-pass filter: 20 Hz, 2nd order Butterworth
  • Noise: 0.008 % full scale
  • Dimensions (l × w × h): 108 × 58 × 35 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Input connector: BNC

All specifications are subject to change.


Product Code

Conductivity Pod



Operating System Recommended Hardware Alternate Hardware
LabChart Lightning Windows / Mac Traditional PowerLab cross
LabChart 8 Windows / Mac Traditional PowerLab cross
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