Electronic Knee or Elbow Goniometers

Product Code TN1750/ST

Our electronic goniometers are bipolar joint angle sensors for single degree of freedom joints, eg. the knee or elbow, used for a range of medical, anatomical & physiological applications.

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A digital goniometer is a bipolar joint angle sensor for single degree of freedom joints such as the knee or elbow, which is suitable for use in humans or in large animals. The angle is determined by the amount of light passing through a pair of optic fibers running along the cantilever, and a light sensor is contained in one of the enclosures. A mounting kit is supplied, which offers convenient, easy to use, one size fits many, Velcro straps and double sided adhesive tape.

The motorized goniometer can be connected directly to a PowerLab Pod port or via a Pod Expander.

The electrogoniometer can be used with a Tendon Hammer for tendon jerk experiments.


Research Applications

Wired Physiological Monitoring
Human Exercise Physiology


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