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For respiratory flow circuit studies in a non-rebreathing, 2-way configuration. It has very low resistance, minimal leakage and miniscule dead space due to the unique tricuspid valve diaphragm that collapses onto itself and allows nearly straight-through flow. 

Can also be purchased as part of the Exercise Breathing Kit.


Research Applications

Respiratory Gas Analysis
Human Respiratory

Key Features

  • Rated up to 800 liters per minute for exercise testing
  • Has 40 cc dead space
  • Threaded inhalation and exhalation ports that are 1-3/8" (35 mm) OD
  • Not gravity dependent
  • Has a clear plastic body to view diaphragm operation
  • A long life diaphragm molded of silicone that is non-sticking and maintains elasticity and sensitivity


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