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Insights for life science

Insights for life science

LabChart is designed for life science. Our modules group the channel calculations, reports and plots you need to gain insights for each application, whether your research is in humans, in animals or in vitro.

Simple to use

Simple to use

LabChart is quick to setup, allows you to control all your hardware settings for recording and includes a range of analysis features designed for intuitive use.

A tool for innovation

A tool for innovation

Create your own advanced calculations and macros to customize your analysis, and use a growing range of LabChart-compatible hardware for truly novel research.

Data integrity

Data integrity

However you manipulate your data, Labchart ensures changes are neither compounded nor permanent. You can always return to your raw data and validate the integrity of your results.

Grows with your research

Grows with your research

It’s easy to add new signals and measurements from our range as you go deeper into your research - or use almost any system alongside ours and still record directly into LabChart.

Expert support team

Expert support team

We have a knowledge base of common workflows and methods, and a team of technical specialists - scientists, programmers and bioengineers - on hand to help out.

  • LabChart Success Story

    Dr Emily Zimmerman – Developmental Speech Physiologist

    Dr Emily Zimmerman has found LabChart’s flexibility to be a great aid in her pioneering research into neonatal care and the development of pre-term infants.

    "I wanted the flexibility to be able to add more sensors, Respitrace and ECG, for example, for measures I could easily incorporate. I’m not an engineer, but ADInstruments has allowed me to really tap into ease-of-use, connecting these sensors and different technologies into the system."

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  • LabChart Success Story

    Dr Tony Hickey – Biochemist and comparative physiologist, University of Auckland, New Zealand

    "Many natural environments mirror problems faced in medical arenas today, for example hypoxia in a rock pool may mimic stroke or impaired lung. However, some aquatic species thrive in these environments. In studying these species, we may develop new insights, and potential treatments, for stroke, coma, diabetes and obesity."

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  • LabChart Success Story

    Professor Damian Bailey – Director of the Research Institute of Science and Health, University of South Wales, UK

    "We are interested in how the ageing human brain functions across the spectrum of health and disease, from super-fit athletes to super-sick patients. Our research focuses on the mechanisms that control oxygen transport to the brain, quite simply how we get the most important molecule in the world to the most important organ in the body."

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Streamlined Workflow

“Of most importance was the fact that all data was recorded on a time-aligned beat-by-beat basis - this is vital for the calculation of transfer function analysis based on the relationship between cerebral blood flow and blood pressure.”

Professor Ainslie

Canada Research Chair

Cerebrovascular Physiology

Data Integrity

“I like the fact that you can store all your data electronically. There is no need to create an auditing trail, because this is automatic. You can’t remove bits of information. What is really interesting is that you can really go into the detail of the actual blood pressure trace and perform complex analyses very quickly. You simply export data into a standard template in Excel and have all your answers in seconds. Very smart.”

Dr. Kengatharan

President & COO

Armetheon, Inc.

Diverse Applications

“...the synchronized video is really a complete solution, taking swimming technique analysis to the next level. We have traveled with this equipment [LabChart & PowerLab] quite literally all over the world and presented at national and international symposiums. ”

Budd Termin

Swimming Coach


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