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Obtain non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) measurements from mice and rats with the NIBP System, in conjunction with a PowerLab system.


Obtain non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) measurements from mice and rats using our NIBP machines, in conjunction with a PowerLab system. NIBP level measurement allows you to monitor rat and mouse pulse rate and blood pressure in real time.

The NIBP System outputs the pressure and pulse signals to a PowerLab via a BNC connection. LabChart software can be used to start the NIBP Controller at pre-set times. This is useful when the rat or mouse pulse rate is recorded continuously but blood pressure only needs to be sampled periodically.

The NIBP System includes a specialized tail cuff and pulse transducer, used for intermittent mouse and rat blood pressure measurement based on the periodic occlusion of tail blood flow. Tail cuffs are available for either mice or rats.

Rodent restrainers suitable for use with the NIBP tester are available separately. Also see the Rodent Tail Cuff Holder, which allows the user to secure the transducer and cuff to the tail, also available separately.

The NIBP System will only function with PowerLab data acquisition units and therefore is not suitable for use with other data acquisition systems.

Product Configurations


NIBP System (for Rats)

Product Code

Suitable for obtaining NIBP measurements from rats with tail diameters of 5-10 mm. The NIBP System for rats includes the NIBP Controller and a Pulse Transducer/Pressure Cuff for NIBP (Rat).


NIBP System (for Mice)

Product Code

Suitable for obtaining NIBP measurements from mice with tail diameters of 3-6 mm. The NIBP System for mice includes the NIBP Controller and the Pulse Transducer/Pressure Cuff for NIBP (Mouse).


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Details and Tech Specs


Cycle Operation

  • Max Inflation Pressure: 200 or 280 mmHg (switch-selectable)
  • Measurement Cycle Time:
    • 40-150 BPM (large animals): 44 s (for 200 mmHg) 87 s (for 280 mmHg).
    • 90-420 BPM (rats): 22 s (for 200 mmHg) 41 s (for 280 mmHg).
    • 240-600 BPM (mice): 18 s (for 200 mmHg) 40 s (for 280 mmHg).
  • Cycle Control: Microprocessor based. Performs inflation, deflation, and fast deflation sequences automatically.
  • Operation Indication: Trigger output (normally low, but high during inflation and deflation cycle). Front panel Status indicator shows inflation and deflation operation.
  • Operation Abort: The cycle can be terminated at any point by pressing the front panel Start/Stop button again. Pressure is automatically released.
  • Fast Release Time:
    • ~1.2 s from 280 to 40 mmHg at 40–-150 BPM
    • ~0.5 s from 280 to 40 mmHg at higher ranges.
  • Control Sources: Front panel push button; External signal source (voltage level); Remote contact closure.

Manual Start/Stop Input

  • Operation: Contact the closure input for starting or stopping measurement cycle. Shorting the input signal results in a start or stop operation.

Remote Trigger Input

  • Operation: Voltage level input for starting or stopping NIBP cycle. TTL compatible input. High level operates a start/stop.
  • Input Voltage: 35 V
  • Minimum Trigger Pulse: 1 ms

Trigger Output

  • Operation: High (+5 V) output level during measurement cycle. Otherwise zero.

Pressure Output (Cuff Pressure)

  • Sensitivity: 0-1 V : 0-300 mmHg (factory calibrated)
  • Frequency Response: DC to 10 Hz

Pulse Input

  • Input Impedance: Differential Input: 100 kΩ + 3.3 μF (per arm)
  • Single-ended Input: 1 MΩ
  • Input Signal Range: High gain differential input: 400 μV - 4 mV, depending on rear panel Gain Adj setting.
  • Low gain single-ended input: 400 mV - 4 V, depending on rear panel Gain Adj setting.
  • Bandwidth:
    • 40-150 BPM: 0.7-2.5 Hz
    • 90-420 BPM: 3-7 Hz
    • 240-600 BPM: 4-10 Hz
  • Pulse Output Max: ± 5 V

Operating Requirements

  • Front End connection to PowerLab.
  • Operating Conditions: 5-35 °C, 0 - 90% humidity (non condensing)

Physical Configuration

  • Dimensions (h × w × d): 70 mm × 240 mm × 260 mm (2.70" × 9.45" × 10.2")
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

ADInstruments reserves the right to alter these specifications at any time.

Product Codes

NIBP System (for Rats)
NIBP System (for Mice)
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