Stimulator Rod with Cable

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The Stimulating rod is 150 mm long with an outer diameter of 10 mm. It has a rounded stainless steel tip that can be placed on the skin or tissue surface. The other end terminates in a stud connector. The rod is supplied with a cable 900 mm long that terminates in 4 mm shrouded connectors and a press stud connector to connect to the rod.

This Stimulator and Rod is suitable for use with any PowerLabs with built-in Isolated Stimulators (PowerLab 26T and PowerLab 15T) or Isolated Stimulator.

The Stimulator Rod with Cable is used in deep nerve stimulation experiments in humans when used with an isolated stimulator.


Research Applications

Stimulus Presentation and Evoked Responses
Human Psychophysiology
Wired Physiological Monitoring
Human Exercise Physiology
Evoked Responses and Stimulation
Animal Neuroscience


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Product Code

Stimulator Rod with Cable (1.8 m)
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