LabChart 8.1.28

63.50MB • Released 

System Requirements

warning Upgrading to LabChart 8

License codes for previous versions of LabChart will work for LabChart 8 if:

  • LabChart 7 was purchased after September 15, 2013.
  • LabChart Pro was purchased after September 15, 2008.

Owners of other LabChart versions who do not meet these criteria can purchase an upgrade from their representative.

The following PowerLabs are supported in LabChart 8:

  • /35, /30, /25, /26 and /20 Series
  • 15T and 26T Models

Owners of the /SP and /ST series should continue to use LabChart 7. Users of all other models should contact their ADInstruments representative.

LabChart 8 no longer supports the file types .dll and .adidev, or the legacy Add-Ons; PVAN, Bioharness, TR Smartpad, and Circadian Analysis.

See the full list of system requirements for ADInstruments software.

Release Notes

LabChart Release Notes

Product Accessibility Documents

LabChart for Windows Product Accessibility

Compare Editions

Main Features LabChart 8 for Windows LabChart 8 for Mac LabChart 7 for Mac
Scope View checkmark checkmark -
Common file format checkmark checkmark -
Real-time calculations while sampling checkmark checkmark -
Spectrum View checkmark checkmark -
Data Pad checkmark checkmark Limited
Recording Limits Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB file size, 16 000 blocks
Publish experimental data through LabChart Online checkmark checkmark -
LabChart Pro Student License Support checkmark checkmark -
LabChart Add-Ons checkmark Spirometry and HRV only checkmark
XY View checkmark - checkmark
Macros checkmark - checkmark
Digital IO checkmark - checkmark
Preset Comments checkmark checkmark checkmark
Save Window Layouts checkmark - checkmark
Exclusions - - checkmark
Setting Baselines - - checkmark