Can Delsys EMG Sensors be used inside MRI machines?

Delsys EMG systems are not approved for use in MRI machines.  MRI machines make use of very strong magnetic fields that may induce unwanted currents in metallic objects they traverse.  The sensitive electronic components used in Delsys EMG systems will be highly susceptive to these magnetic fields.  More importantly, these unwanted currents could result in patient harm or equipment damage.  

In general, metallic objects inside the MRI chamber will cause distortions of the resulting images. All conductive materials will be subject to these deleterious effects, some more than others.  Ferrous objects exasperate these difficulties since these will also generate real magnetic forces when subjected to magnetic fields.  Any research that introduces metallic objects in the MRI chamber should discuss the application with the MRI manufacture, since subtle safety and performance matters must be considered.

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