Can Earthworm Action Potentials be recorded with the pod inputs instead of the Bioamp?

The preferred protocol for recording earthworm action potentials uses the Bio Amplifier built into T-Series PowerLabs.

In our experience, the earthworm action potential protocol requires the additional amplification provided by this amplifier. Signal falls off at the square of the distance from the source; thus, additional amplification when using the intact prep is recommended.
Some customers have attempted to record the action potential using pod port input cables (MLA255 or MLA285) attached to needles in the worm with mixed results. This approach works best if you fully dissect the nerve cord from the worm and use the MLT016 Nerve Chamber, placing the nerve in the chamber directly touching the stainless steel wires.  Note: amplitudes of the action potentials in the recorded from earthworm will be significantly smaller than the compound action potentials from sciatic nerve from a frog or mammal.
The ADInstruments protocol using the MLA1203 Needle Electrodes and the MLA2540 Bio Amp Cable connected to a teaching series PowerLab's Bio Amplifier provides the best results.


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