Can the Edwards Life Sciences Truewave PX Pressure Transducer be interfaced to an ADInstruments Bridge Amplifier?

Edwards Lifesciences Truewave pressure transducers can be connected to an ADInstruments Bridge Amplifier using a custom cable that can adapt the Truewave connector to the DIN connector used by the ADInstruments Bridge Amp.

Fogg System Company ( offers interface cables that enable you to connect 3rd party transducers from various manufactures to an ADInstruments Bridge Amplifier. Fogg System's website enables you to search for a specific pressure transducer by a particular manufacturer, then determines the appropriate adapter cable required to interface with an ADInstruments Bridge Amp.
The part number to interface the Edwards Life Sciences Truewave PX Pressure Transducer is 0395-2173. The cable provided is a standard length of 3.96 m (156 in), but custom lengths may be requested.