Can I pair multiple Trigno wireless EMG sensors to the same sensor number?

By default the Trigno wireless EMG systems are shipped with all sensors appropriately paired. However, it is possible to pair multiple sensors to one sensor position, for example sensors 1 and 5 can be paired to "sensor 1" in the Trigno Control Utility software. But they obviously will not be able to work at the same time. This can be used for long term monitoring of a muscle, which exceeds the 8 hour battery life. After the first sensor's battery is exhaused it is swapped out with the second sensor, which will record the signal into the same LabChart channel, while the first sensor will be recharged.
Note: the sensor status panel will show a half green and half orange symbol rather than the full green icon you usually see.  For a detailed description about how to pair the sensors please refer to the users guide.

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