Flow rated tubing

The ML 172 Peristaltic pump uses flow rated tubing to achieve a specified flow rate at maximum RPM. By using tubing (flow rated tubing) with a different internal diameter different flow rates can be achieved. The maximum RPM of the ML172 is 48 RPM.

Note: to achieve the full 48 RPM the pump must be set to this speed when the system is first set up.  If the pump is set at 10 RPM this is the max it can reach and may result in desired flows not being reached.

Some common types of tubing and flow rates at max RPM are listed below;

Colour ID (mm) ml/min (approx.)
Yellow/Green 0.4 3
Yellow/Yellow 1.42 12
Black/White 3.16 30

Yellow/Yellow and Black/White tubing are supplied with the ML172 Peristaltic pump.

To achieve higher flow rates use silicon tubing , or use a high speed flow head which can be ordered separately.

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