How can the FE238 or ML138 Octal Bio Amp be configured to record 12-lead ECG from a subject?

To record a 12-lead ECG with an FE238 Octal Bio amp or ML138 Octal Bio amp the following items are required in addition to the LabChart software, PowerLab, and amplifier:


First, connect the MLAC29 and MLAC49 linking cables to the negative and positive inputs of the FE238 Octal Bio Amp as shown in the image below (Note: While the below images shows the FE238 Octal Bio Amp the discontinued ML138 can be connected in an identical fashion):





Please note, the MLAC49 linking cable has two extra 1.5mm touch proof plugs that will not be used with this configuration.  These plugs can remain unplugged and hanging free from the linking cable during its use.  The MLA0311 Lead Wires can now be connected to the linking cables and bio amp inputs as shown, and connected to the appropriate recording sites on the subject with MLA1010 ECG Electrodes.


With the Bio Amp configured in this way Leads V1 - V6 of the ECG will be recorded on Channels 1 - 6 respectivelyECG Lead I will be recorded on Channel 7 and ECG Lead II will be recorded on Channel 8.  ECG Leads III, aVR, aVL, and aVF can be calculated from Leads I and II with the previously mentioned Cardiac Axis Extension.  To learn more about how to use the Cardiac Axis Extension, please review the instructional video located HERE.  This extension is currently available for all versions of Chart and LabChart for Windows as well as Chart 5, LabChart 6, and LabChart 7 for Mac.

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.