How can I copy comments from one channel to others at the same time point automatically?

In LabChart one can place comments so it appears in a single channel or in all channels. There might be a situation where a comment or several comments are displayed in all channels, but you need them displayed in individual channels. This is the case if you like to use the Dose Response Module. 

The attached macro allows to find comments in any channel filtered by a certain string of characters. Please note, the macro does not search for regular expressions, but for a given string of characters. It is not case sensitive.

For example "ach" will find "dose ACh 10e-2" or "cockroaches" but not "a cheese".

When executing the macro "CopyComToCh" two dialogs will pop up for you to enter the find string and then the channel(s) the comment text should be copied to. If you do not enter a value for find, the macro finds all comments and copies them to the "target channel". You need to enter at least one target channel (more need to be separated by comma), otherwise the macro will stop. 

When finished the macro brings up a message about how many comments have been found and how many new comments were placed.

Please note: While the macro has been written and tested on LabChart 7 and 8 only, the macro is provided "as is" and "with all possible faults". To use the code is entirely your responsibility. Please observe common sense and first try it on the provided file, later on at a copy of one of your files until you are confident the macro does what you expect. You should be familiar with VBScript to edit the macro manually.

For further information or when you get an error message, please contact your nearest ADInstruments Support Team.