How do I pass a stimulation signal through the AM3000H AC/DC Differential Amplifier?

The AM3000H may be switched to stimulate mode and will pass a stimulus signal through to the recording electrode by completing the following steps:

  1. Set the AM3000H mode switch to Stim (This bypasses all of the amplification circuitry in the 3000, it will now simply pass whatever stimulus you feed into the STIMULUS input on the front of the unit). 
  2. Connect the BNC from the stimulator of your choice to the STIMULUS BNC input on the front of the AM3000H. 
The analog output from the PowerLab may be used as the stimulator and routed through the AM3000H simply to connect it to the suction electrode attached to, for example, a Crawdad nerve 3 preparation to evoke post synaptic potentials.  
Note: the analog output on the PowerLab is a constant voltage output, and shares a ground with the recording circuitry of the PowerLab. Thus, it is prone to a much larger stimulation artifact than when using a stimulus isolator.  A stimulus isolator triggered by the PowerLab gives you much better control as they offer a constant current output and often have more headroom.


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