How can I get the time for each spike in a defined unit into the Data Pad and displayed in seconds

Here is a procedure to get the time for a nerve spike in a defined unit into the LabChart Data Pad View and displayed in seconds (assuming you have defined nerve units in the Spike Histogram Module):

In the LabChart Chart View, you will need to add 2 channels for calculations, I have used the multiple unit example data file found in the LabChart Welcome Center for your reference.

In the first unused channel, select Spike Histogram from the Channel Calculations dropdown menu, select "Unit spikes at event times", and select the unit you wish to analyze:



On the second unused channel, we need to set up cyclic measurements:


Set the source channel to the spike histogram unit spikes, set a simple threshold to a level of 0.5V, and make sure to tick the Event Marker box, the measurement is arbitrary.

This will set the Event Markers on top of the unit spikes, your data file will look something like this:


Set the time mode to show seconds by right clicking on the time axis, select time mode and select "Show time as seconds":


Now open the data pad and set up a column to show time:


Next, we will use Multiple Add to Data Pad Feature to populate the time at each of the Event Markers

From the Commands menu select "Multiple Add to Data Pad...":


When you click add, the Data Pad will populate.


For additional units, changing the unit spike channel to the next unit will update the cyclic measurement, and you can repeat the Multiple Add to Data Dad for the second data set.