How can I see which extensions and modules I have installed in LabChart?

In LabChart 7 or later, the feature manager is a great way to check which ADInstruments add-ons are available and installed on your copy of LabChart.
You can access the Feature manager by clicking on the 'Help' Menu and selecting 'feature manager'.... (under 'LabChart' menu in the Mac version)
In the Dialog you can see all available modules and extensions (All) or just the ones you currently have installer (Installed). A description and requirements for each add-on is available in the bottom panel of the feature manager dialog.
To Install an add-on that is not currently installed, click on 'All' and then click the 'install' option next to to the Module or extension of choice. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. (Your computer will need to be connected to the internet for this to work correctly).
To ensure that the add-on is active, Click on Installed and ensure the check box next to the extension or module is checked, the feature will then appear as an extra menu item.
NB You will only be able to use Modules if you have a LabChart Pro license or a license code for a particular Module. Extensions are free to install for all LabChart users.