How can I share LabChart's Configuration Information?

LabChart’s Configuration Information window contains helpful information, such as your PowerLab and LabChart license details. This information helps ADInstruments staff better understand your configuration when supporting you.
To access the Configuration Information, open LabChart’s Help menu and select Configuration.
To share this information with others, select Copy to Clipboard. This will copy all information across each of the Configuration Information tabs, e.g. System, LabChart, Licences, etc. You can then paste the information where you desire, such as in an email to an ADInstruments staff member if requiring assistance with LabChart. If you do not wish to share specific pieces of information, you can delete these from the pasted content.
LabChart licenses
In LabChart’s Configuration Information, the last four digits of your license will be marked as ‘-xxxx’. If you require your complete LabChart License code, it can be found on the back of the LabChart and LabChart Pro disc cases provided at the time of purchase. 
If you are using standard LabChart, you will only need one code from the back of the LabChart installer disc case. If you are using LabChart Pro, you will need the code on the back of the LabChart software installer disc case and the code on the back of the LabChart Pro installer disc case to complete one installation. 
If you need help finding the license code, you can contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.