How can I test the headstage for an AM-Systems Model 3000 H Amplifier?

To test your headstage and amplifier, they will need to be configured in a way that neutralizes any outside noise.  The test configuration settings are as follows:
  1. Set High Pass to 300
  2. Set Notch to ON
  3. Set Low Pass to 3
  4. Turn Capacity Compensation completely counter-clockwise
  5. Switch the  DC OFFSET switch to OFF.
  6. Set Gain to 50
  7. Set Input MODE to REC
  8. Set Ohm Test to OFF
  9. on the headstage, link (short)  the '+' input to the '-' input

In LabChart, set the range to an appropriate level, the sampling rate to 20,000 samples per second, and record a few blocks of data.  Alternate recording data blocks with LabChart's Mains Filter "off" and "on" to compare.  Very Low noise with the mains filter "off" is ideal.   Low noise with the mains filter "on" is still usable.   High noise with mains filter "on" may indicate a headstage or amplifier failure.

If you have further questions or concerns about this issue, please contact your local Technical Support Representative by completing the online form located HERE.