How do I connect an ADInstruments Pod Signal Conditioner to a PowerLab?

Connect the 8-pin DIN cable from the rear of the particular Pod model being used to a PowerLab Pod Port or a Pod Expander connected to a PowerLab. The current models of the PowerLab have Pod Ports available for Inputs 1 - 4, or use Pod Ports as the sole connector for the standard analog inputs. 
When using a PowerLab model with standard BNC and Pod Port inputs available for the same channel, do not connect other devices such as Front-ends or Instruments to the corresponding BNC connector on the channel used by the Pod. Pods can be connected to the PowerLab unit while the ADInstruments LabChart software is running, but not when recording data. Once detected, the functions of the Pod are combined with those of the PowerLab and LabChart, replacing the Input Amplifier dialog in the software with the appropriate Pod dialog and applying an required Units Conversions.

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