How do I import Pages & Data into LabAuthor


LabAuthor allows you to import content pages from other experiments. In LabAuthor go to the File menu / Import / Content pages... or right-click anywhere in the Content Pages section and select Import Content Pages...
Once you have navigated to the content page you wish to import, LabAuthor will add it to the Unused area of the Content Pages section. However, you will notice that neither the data files associated with any panels on the page, nor any images are imported along with the page, as shown by the areas circled in red in the image below.

You can add these missing files by going to the relevant section (Data Files or Images sections) and right-clicking on the missing file, highlighted in red. Simply navigate to the correct file - images are all in the Images folder of the experiment (or the 'Extras / Images' folder if it is within a Sub-page), data files are all within the LabTutor_pieces folder.
Final Tip: LabAuthor will also recognize drag-and-drop behavior, as long as you drag an item to the correct section in LabAuthor. That is to say, drop content pages on to the Content Page section, drop data files on to the Data File section, etc.