Why do I get "The selected file is not a LabTutor experiment" when attempting to upload a custom experiment to LabTutor Server?

Either the selected file is not a LabTutor experiment installer file, or it was created in a previous version of LabTutor. Double-check the file is in-fact valid.


How to re-save experiments installers with the latest version of LabTutor:

  • Ensure LabAuthor is installed (on a different machine to Server)
  • Double-click on the experiment installer file
  • Choose a suitable location and click install
  • Double-click on the recently-installed experiment file to open in LabAuthor
  • Modify any Experiment Properties as required (ie. experiment version)
  • Click File > Save Experiment... to re-save the experiment file in the latest LabAuthor format and then File > Save Experiment Installer... to save an updated installer ready for use witht hte latest version of LabTutor Server.

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.0.