How do I run ConfigSoft Diagnostics for a rat telemeter?

The Diagnostics function of ConfigSoft allows you to easily check the status of a rat telemeter. It is good practice to run Diagnostics for telemeters at the following times:

  • Before implantation
  • At the end of an experiment and after explantation
  • Before and after recording away from the SmartPad
  • If you think there is a problem with your telemeter
  • Every 3 months during long-term storage

In order to check the status of a rat telemeter you will need the TR190 Configurator System connected to your PC, ConfigSoft open on your PC, the telemeter of interest and an active SmartPad paired on the same transmission frequency as the telemeter.

  1. Ensure the telemeter is in Active Mode and placed on top of a SmartPad paired on the same transmission frequency
  2. In the Rat Telemeter tab of ConfigSoft enter the Serial Number and Current Transmission Frequency of the telemeter manually or by using the Search for telemeter function.
  3. In the Diagnostics section of the Rat Telemeter tab, click Start Diagnostics. A dialog will appear giving you the option to save a log file for the telemeter, in this instance click no.
  4. After a few seconds the display on the right hand side of the ConfigSoft window will be populated with the information for that telemeter. The display updates every 10s
  5. The serial number should match that entered at the beginning of the process and the firmware version should be 1.5.

Interpreting Telemeter Diagnostics

Battery Level
= the battery is more than 20% charged
X = the battery is low and the telemeter needs to be recharged. If the telemeter is not placed on an active SmartPad it will automatically enter safe mode

NOTE: the battery level reported may be artificially high while the telemeter is in the wireless power field of the SmartPad. For an accurate battery level, remove the telemeter from the SmartPad for 1 minute before noting the battery level

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.

= the telemeter detects a charging field from a SmartPad and is charging
X = the telemeter cannot detect a charging field from a SmartPad and is not charging. In this case the telemeter battery will last between 4-6 hours depending on telemeter model (if fully charged)

Pressure Sensor Function (only applicable to TRM54 telemeters)
= the pressure sensor is functioning normally
X = a problem has been detected with the pressure sensor (contact your local support team for assistance)

Oxygen Telemeter Potentiostat (only applicable to TR57Y tissue oxygen telemeters)
= the oxygen sensor is functioning normally
X = a problem has been detected with the oxygen sensor and the electrodes need to be replaced