How do I take a Log File for a SmartPad?

If you contact ADInstruments for support with a SmartPad and/or telemeter you will be asked to provide a Log File which can be generated using ConfigSoft. Log Files collect raw data showing the performance of the SmartPad over time and are used to determine if there is a fault or an issue with the hardware setup.

In order to take a Log File for a telemeter select the SmartPad tab in ConfigSoft and enter the SmartPad serial number and current transmission frequency. Then click Start Diagnostics.

A pop up will ask you if you want to save a Log File and you should click YES. ConfigSoft will ask you to confirm the filename and destination of your Log File. The default filename includes the SmartPad serial number and date and time the diagnositcs was started e.g. Sp6093_log_2021_4_9_10_25.txt.

To save a Log File SmartPad diagnostics must run for a minimum of 2 minutes and cannot be stopped in this time. Once 2 minutes has elapsed diagnostics can be stopped and the log file will be saved to the destination you selected. Usually a file of 2 minutes duration is sufficient for support staff.

Please note that data acquisition is disabled while SmartPad diagnostics is running. A sawtooth pattern will be observed in LabChart

The file can then be sent to ADInstruments for investigation.

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.