How might one use LabChart's Scope View for waveform matching or subject feedback?

The Scope View can be utilized for waveform matching or subject feedback by utilizing the "Lock In Overlay" feature.
When using Scope View, one can use a single page, or an averaged page as an example waveform which the subject will try to match. By right clicking on the page of interest, the user can choose "Lock In Overlay." This feature will lock the single example page, or the averaged page in the Scope View's Overlay. 

Then, by choosing to only have a single page in the overlay, the user will continuously see only the example and the latest page detected by Scope View. This works well when utilizing Event Mode, or Block Mode.

As new data streams in, the user will be able to see the waveform they are attempting to match (locked in the display), and the latest iteration of the waveform being produced.

Applications for this analysis might include:

  • Matching Spirometry waveforms to control breathing
  • Hand Grip or Force Measurements
  • General Subject Biofeedback
  • Applications where more detail is required than is provided by LabChart's Guidelines feature