Is it possible to export LabChart data as an image to be published?

Yes, some of the LabChart data views can be copied and pasted either as text or as an image.
  • Data copied as both text and image
    • Chart View
    • Scope View
    • Spectrum View
  • Data copied as an image only
    • Zoom View
    • XY View
  • Data copied as text only
    • Comments
    • Data Pad
    • Notebook
For the Chart View, Scope View and Spectrum View, whether you paste the data as text or an image depends on the application you are pasting it into. Text editors (e.g. Notepad, Excel etc.) will preferentially place text, whereas image editors (e.g. Paint, Photoshop) will preferentially place the image. In some applications you can choose whether to place the text or image by using the paste special command, or similar.