Should the Pod port Inputs or Bio Amp Inputs on an Education Series PowerLab be used for recording signals from an isolated nerve?

The Education Series PowerLab's ​​​​​​ Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) 8-pin Pod inputs and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) 6-pin Bio Amp input are both suitable differential inputs for recording selected extracellular nerve recordings.

The AAMI Bio Amp input is more sensitive than the DIN Pod inputs; however, a potential issue is that signals recorded via the Bio Amp input may be more noisy due to this increased sensitivity.  Also, the maximum input voltage that can be applied to a Bio Amp input (±20 milliVolts) is less than the maximum input voltage for a Pod input (±10 Volts). Therefore, the user must be careful not to overload the input circuit when using the Bio Amp.

If stimulation is being provided to the nerve, it would be preferable to use the PowerLab's DIN Pod inputs.  ADInstruments supplies the MLT016 Nerve Chambers with two MLA285 Differential Pod Input Cables (DIN to Micro-Hooks) for recordings using the PowerLab Pod inputs. This equipment configuration is generally best in most cases.

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