What are the MLA4103 and MLA4105 electrodes made of and how should they be cleaned/sterilised?

The shielded biopotential electrodes (MLA4103, MLA4105, MLA8203, MLA8205) from BioMed Electrodes are used to record biopotentials such as EMG and EEG via the Shielded Bio Amp Cables (MLA2340,MLA2540).

  • The 4 mm sensor is made from a fine grain, homogeneous mixture of Ag-AgCl compressed and sintered for strength and stability.
  • The electrode is 1 mm thick and encapsulated in durable housings. It is supplied with PVC insulated lead wires and terminated with 1.5 mm safety sockets.

In order to remove any left over electrode paste or cream the electrodes can be scrubbed, rinsed and left to air dry. Ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilisation is the preferred method for complete Sterilisation whilst soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide is 90% effective.  DO NOT AUTOCLAVE!

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