Why do I get the message “One or more blood pressure channel calculations are not available in this mode and have been turned off”?

After installing LabChart’s add on blood pressure module the channel calculations become available to display different parameters while recording. However, these calculated parameters depend on the pressure signal chosen in the blood pressure settings dialog, ventricular or arterial, respectively.

Like “End of diastole” and “Tau fitting options” are only available in ventricular mode, and “Dicrotic Notch” is only available in arterial mode - for obvious reasons - so are some of the calculated parameters. A complete list and description of ventricular and arterial parameters can be found in LabChart’s Help documentation under Blood Pressure > Blood Pressure Parameters.

When changing the Pressure signal from Ventricular to Arterial the following calculations are turned off:
Max dP/dt, Min dP/dt, EDP, Tau, Pressure Time index, Contractility Index and IRP Average dP/dt.

When changing the Pressure signal from Arterial to Ventricular the following calculations are turned off:
Time to Peak, Dicrotic Notch Pressure and Mean diastolic pressure.

The following calculations are converted in both directions:

Ventricular Arterial
Max Pressure Systolic Pressure
Min Pressure Diastolic Pressure
Max-Min Pressure Pulse Pressure
Systolic Duration Ejection Duration
Diastolic Duration Non-Ejection Duration

The parameters Mean Pressure, Heart Rate and Cyclic Duration stay the same for both settings.

For further information please consult LabChart’s Help documentation

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.