What are the units conversion values for the Delsys EMG and Accelerometer signals?

When recording EMG and / or Accelerometer data from a Delsys Wireless EMG system with a PowerLab, use the following Settings and Unit Conversion values within LabChart:

Sampling Rate: 2000/s
Range: 5V

For EMG: 0mV = 0mV
               909mV = 1mV

(The reason for this conversion is the Delsys has an effective gain of 909 on the EMG output. You therefore need to divide by 909 to calculate the true voltage if required)

For Accelerometry: 0V = 0g
                               1V = 0.8g
Please note: if you are using the Delsys System directly with Labchart via the Trigno Wireless Device Enabler, the units will already be preconfigured when opening a new file.

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