What is a "device synchronization error" and how can I stop it from appearing?

When sampling from multiple devices (e.g. PowerLabs, Human NIBP, or Trigno Wireless Devices) within LabChart, considerations must be made to improve synchronization between devices. A device synchronization error will appear while sampling when timing issues arise between devices.

One way to reduce synchronization errors is to always use the supplied USB cables; do not use USB extension cables or long, low quality USB cables. If a device's supplied USB cable must be replaced, purchase a high quality replacement 3 meters or shorter. If you must place your device further than 3m from your computer, use a single root USB hub to connect multiple high-quality 3m cables.
It is also strongly recommended to use a USB hub to connect your devices effectively to the same USB port on your computer. Most computers feature multiple USB ports, but they are not generally synchronized to each other. The external USB hub is essential to prevent unnecessary timing issues between devices.