What devices are compatible with the Kent Device Enabler?

The following devices shipped on or after October 15, 2012 are compatible with the Kent Device Enabler:
  • PhysioSuite (MouseSTAT, MouseVent, RightTemp, CapnoScan)
  • CODA Monitor NIBP System 
    • Exception: the CODA-HT system (capable of recording 8 animals simultaneously) is not compatible with LabChart or the Kent Device Enabler
  • SomnoSuite
Compatible devices should display the 'LabChart Compatible' sticker on the hardware. Kent devices shipped prior to October 15 may require a firmware upgrade in order to make them compatible with LabChart. It is recommended to contact Kent direct regarding firmware upgrades for Kent devices. 

Note: The Kent Device Enabler is compatible with LabChart for Windows v7.3.5 or later.