What devices are compatible with the Kent Device Enabler?

The following devices shipped on or after October 15, 2012 are compatible with the Kent Device Enabler:

Compatible devices should display the 'LabChart Compatible' sticker on the hardware. Kent devices shipped prior to October 15, 2012 may require a firmware upgrade in order to make them compatible with LabChart. It is recommended to contact Kent Scientific directly regarding firmware upgrades for Kent devices. The Kent Device Enabler is compatible with LabChart for Windows v7.3.5 and later. 

Note: The ADInstruments branded Rodent NIBP CODA Monitor is not compatible with the Kent Device Enabler.  To use this device with LabChart you will need to use the CODA Monitor Device Enabler.

If you require further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.