What do the status lights on a SmartPad mean?

The indicator light on the front of the SmartPad can be green, orange or red. In simple terms and regardless of the model or firmware version the different colours mean the following;

GREEN: a telemeter is communicating on the same transmission frequency as the SmartPad and data is being collected
ORANGE: no telemeter is communicating on the same transmission frequency as the SmartPad and no data is being collected
RED: the SmartPad charging field has been disabled and an issue requires investigation

Depending on the firmware version and the model number of your SmartPad, the status lights have different meanings which are summarised in the table below. Information regarding the details of your SmartPad can be accessed in the SmartPad diagnostics of ConfigSoft.

Table 1: Summary of the SmartPad status light meanings for different model number and firmware version. 1°=Primary, 2°=Secondary


When the status light is red the charging field of the SmartPad is disabled so a paired telemeter will switch to using the backup battery. Data output will continue until the telemeter battery is discharged at which point the telemeter will no longer transmit data and the battery will need to be recharged. The most likely cause of a red status light is as follows:

  1. The SmartPad is placed too close to metal - ensure at least 10cm distance from any metal
  2. The SmartPad is too close to another SmartPad - ensure at least 10cm horizontal and 40cm vertical distance from other SmartPads
  3. A TR180 SmartPad is used with the power supply of a TR181 SmartPad - check power supply

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.