What is the maximum flow-rate of the Minipuls 3 pump?

The maximum flow-rate of the Minipuls 3 varies due to the tubing material used and the type of pump-head (standard flow OR high-flow).

Note that the specifications in the Minipuls 3 manual are out of date (as at July 2009). The manual states that a flow-rate of up to 45mL/min can be achieved using silicon tubing in the standard pump head. However, newer data (provided by Gilson) indicates that the maximum flow-rate is closer to 30 mL/min. To achieve flow-rates above 30mL/min will require that the user upgrades to the high flow (HF) pump head. Using a 4 mm ID silicon tubing with the HF pump head will provide a flow-rate of up to 45-50 mL/min.

See the documents attached for further details.

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