Where can I find the installers for the latest update to LabChart or a LabChart Module/Extension?

You can update LabChart and its associated modules and extensions either through the Feature Manager (as described below) or by downloading the latest installer from the ADInstruments Website's Software Archive

To update via the Feature Manager, click the Feature Manager icon located in the In the LabChart Welcome Center.  Alternatively, the Feature Manager can be accessed by clicking the LabChart Help Menu, and selecting the  "Feature Manager..." option.
When the Feature Manager Pop-up Window appears, click Check for Updates to complete a scan for updates. 
If there are updates available, a dialogue box will prompt "Do you want to see the Recommended Updates?" 
Upon clicking Yes, you will be redirected to the Recommended Updates tab of the Feature Manager, with the available updates listed on the right.
At this point, the desired updates can be selected and installed by following the on-screen prompts.
If you have further questions regarding this, please contact one of your region's Technical Support representatives by filling out the web form located HERE.