Why are multi-segment catheters not available for selection in the Millar MPVS Ultra Control Software?

To use an MPVS Ultra unit with multi-segment, Pressure-Volume catheters, the unit must first be registered.  A registration keycode is included with every multi-segment MPVS Ultra system.  To register the system and unlock the multi-segment catheter capabilities, left mouse click the Registration menu in the upper left hand corner of the MPVS Ultra control software, and select the Register Device option.


In the Pop-up window that appears, enter the supplied registration keycode.  The multi-segment catheter options will now be available in the control software.

Note: If an MPVS Ultra unit was purchase initially as part of a single segment MPVS system, a registration keycode can be purchased to upgrade it to be multi-segment capable.  Please contact your local ADInstruments Sales Office to purchase this upgrade.