Why can't I maintain the correct temperature in my PanLab Organ Bath/Langendorff System?

The Thermostat Controller Unit controls the temperature of the water in the Organ Bath/Langendorff container from room temperature up to 45 ºC. It supplies energy to the heating resistor of the container and
constantly measures the temperature, showing its current value on the display. Temperature is taken from a thermocouple in the centre of the container base. In order to achieve the correct temperature a highly efficient magnetic pump is used. The pump draws the water in by an opening in the container's base and discharges it by the diffuser situated at the right of the heating resistor. This produces perfect heat diffusion throughout the container, with no visible movement of water and minimum vibrations.

With this in mind there are a number of different components that should be checked if the temperature is not being correctly maintained;

Thermostat Controller/ connecting cable

Firstly check the Thermostat controller is powered up and displaying the correct temperature, press the select button to ensure the desired temperature is set. If the temperature is below the set level, the heating light should be on and should go off once the correct level is achieved.  If the heating light is not on when it should be, the temperature displayed is significantly over the set level or no temperature is displayed at all try switching the controller for one that is known to be working well to see if the problem remains.  If so try switching the interface cable. (If you do not have another controller unit/cable, first check the other options below and then contact your regional support contact for more assistance).

Water Level Indicator

A safety mechanism is in place to ensure that the bath will not overheat if there is not sufficient water in the OrganBath/Langendorff container. Therefore, if there is insufficient water, the electronics controlling the heating will cut out and the level light will be unlit on the controller. Check there is enough water in the system and check the level indicator is floating properly.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is situated in the center of the main bath.  This reads the current temperature in the bath and feeds the information back to the thermostat controller so it can heat as necessary.  If the sensor fails, the controller may receive incorrect information and could fail to heat or continue heating above the set level.  Instructions on changing the temperature sensor are in the attached document.

Heating element

The heating element heats the water to the desired level. If this element fails, the water will not heat.  The unit should be returned to your local ADInstruments office to have this repaired.

If it is still not possible to determine the source of the error, your local support person should be able to provide further guidance on having the unit evaluated.