Why do I have limited menu icons for the PV loop module?

PV Loop version 2 saw the introduction of workflow for a step-by-step guide to Pressure Volume Data collection and analysis. If you have the Workflow enabled, you will initially only have access to the 'settings' and 'loopview' icons in the tool bar at the top of LabChart.
Only as you work your way through the workflow will additional icons become available and visible in the tool bar.  When the workflow is complete, all of the icons for the PV loop module will be visible and available for use.
If you wish to use the module without the workflow switched on, you can disable it by choosing 'workflow mode...' from the main PV Loop menu and uncheck the box 'enable PV Loop workflow'. In this instance you can use the PV Loop module as in previous versions and all icons will be available at any given time.