Why does the 'MX2 Configuration' Dialogue not open when using Physiotel Connect and LabChart?

In order for the MX2 Configuration utility to run correctly within LabChart the logged in user needs full access privileges to the folder: C:\ProgramData\DSI\DACSS.

The easiest way to ensure the user has this permission is to run LabChart as an Administrator (i.e right click on the shortcut to LabChart and select 'Run as Administrator').
Alternativel,y the permissions on the C:\ProgramData\DSI\DACSS folder can be modified to give the logged in user full control of that folder. To do this browse to the folder in Windows File Explorer (note the ProgramData folder is hidden so the 'View Hidden Folders' option will need to be enabled), right click on the 'DACSS' folder, select the 'Security' tab in the resulting dialogue and then modify the settings to give the logged in user 'Full Control' of the folder. After doing this LabChart can be run as normal.  Note: to accomplish this change in folder access, you may need to contact your organization's Information Technology (IT) department.
If you require further assistance this or any other issue, please contact your local ADInstruments Technical Support.