Calibration and Setup of your MPVS Ultra (using PV Loop module)

Calibration and Setup of your MPVS Ultra (using PV Loop module)

  • 23 May 14

The MPVS Ultra™ unit simultaneously and continuously measures high-fidelity left ventricular pressure and volume from the intact beating hearts of animals large and small. Proper configuration is paramount to running a successful PV experiment.

Join David as he discusses the proper steps for configuring a typical hardware and software setup using the multisegment catheters, cables and Ultra PV system. David will also discuss how to properly use the built-in volume calibration techniques using Rho cuvette and Baan’s equation. Utilizes the specialized PV Loop Analysis Module in LabChart. 

Key topics covered in this webinar include…

  • Pressure Calibration
  • Small Animal Procedure
    • Using the Interface
    • Conductance Calibration in LabChart
    • Cuvette Calibration
  • Large Animal Procedure
    • Using the Interface
    • Rho Cuvette Calibration
    • Volume Calibration in LabChart
  • Saline Calibration
  • Alpha Calibration

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